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WZI is the name under which Andy Rabagliati consults. wizzy.com has been online since 1992.

Check out Owari, my free Palm pilot version of the ancient african bead game. Now also in Japanese.

Looking for software ? All stuff that could be characterised as work can be found from my business page, or on my FTP site. Personal stuff, stories, travel, can be found on my Personal pages

I used to consult in Parallel processing, in particular with the Inmos Transputer and the Occam language. Check out my Transputer pages

Internet dog

I have ten years UNIX experience, and do most things people will pay me for ..


See an old print (detail at right) from the Spanish-American war, drawn for the American Red Cross.

The world-wide web is a web, right ? Some of these are places that reference me, and it is only courtesy to reference them back .. others are just places you should visit.

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