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Andy's trip to southern Africa


  I am heading to Namibia for a couple of weeks from Wednesday, followed
  by a couple of months or so in South Africa.

  This is mainly vacation, but I am making a point of looking into
  Internet connectivity for South Africa and other countries in the
  vicinity, as it is of great interest to me.

  I hope to be able to send Email every so often during my trip, and to
  get maximum mileage out of it I am resorting to the magic of mailing

  You have all been pre-subscribed to a list administered by my computer
  - the address is za-request@wizzy.com. From this you may get about one
  message every week from me.

  Should you wish to get off the list, you may send a message with the
  word "unsubscribe" in the subject line to that address, just Reply to
  this message, changing the subject. It should be processed immediately.

  It will respond with more detailed instructions if you send the word
  'help' to that address.

  Should you change address, and wish to subscribe the new address, or
  know of someone else that would like to hear about the trip, you may
  send a message with "subscribe" in the subject line to that address.

  My apologies if this is simply another piece of junk mail ..

Cheers,      Andy!

Andy Rabagliati   .   andyr@wizzy.com    .   <URL http://www.wizzy.com/andyr/>