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Winhoek, Namibia


  Got into the Capital of Namibia Friday AM, and located a
'Backpackers Lodge' through someone else on the plane.

It is $8 / night, for a shared dorm room, Lounge, TV,
kitchen - and excellent company of other people that
have travelled through the continent - mostly Australians,
New Zealanders (Kiwis) and Brits here, many of whom are on
extended trips of six months or more.

I organised a trip down to some huge natural sand dunes,
that have had an uncommonly large amount of rain this year.
Water in the desert is unusual, and the fauna adapts to
make best advantage of it for the short time it is around.
Most years there is no rain at all in this place.

We are in the rainy season here - not the best for the Game
Parks. During the dry season all the game comes to the waterholes,
and is consequently easy to find. During the wet season they are
more dispersed.

I and six others from the lodge went to a bar/grill
(Kudu, Ostrich on the menu - Kudu was good).
Most of the party were Aussie/Kiwi women, and we
attracted a couple of German businessmen to our table,
on the make .. of course. They were born in Namibia,
had weathered all its political storms, and knew the
place well. They paid for the drinks .. and we got
an idea of the prejudices in this part of the world.

The other guy from our lodge had black blood in his
ancestry - a little darker. Listening to his experiences
of trying to hitch-hike in South Africa was interesting ..

Water is very scarce here - a major damper to development.

Gay rights much in the news here. Not much corruption,
as far as I can determine.

I am sending this from the lodge - they have Email...

Cheers,      Andy!