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Namibia - Internet report


  Internet in Namibia is supplied from a number of sources, but
king of the hill is Internet Africa - an offshoot of UUnet based
out of Virginia. They are based in South Africa, and run one,
maybe two, 128K lines from Capetown to Windhoek. I had a barbeque
with Dr Lisse - a German at the Swapokmund medical center who
administers name services for the country.

Performance sucks for interactive work - telnet to RMI was
painfully slow. I imagine WWW services are the same. So, yes,
I skimmed your mail, but no individual replies. An internet
Cafe that set up in Windhoek went out of business. However,
the backpackers lodge in Winhoek has it, the car hire place had it,
my student friend of the bus had it at home. So Email is a
reality, and within the country is fast.

Namibia has fiber optic cable between major centers, and I think
down to Cape town. It is probably a pricing issue that keeps it
at low capacity still.

However, Namibia is probably an exception - benefitting from its
close association with RSA over the years (they only got their
own international dialing code 9 months ago). In West Africa when
I was there people rode 100cc mopeds - here they drive cars or
ride buses. Does that mean they are ahead or behind ?

I believe that capacity problems are only temporary - telephone calls
are dirt cheap - Internet access is about $200 US per year for
unlimited access - cheap even by US standards - and thus they will
see steep, steady, growth.

Cheers,       Andy!