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Guest farm - Worcester, WCP


  I stayed with a friend of Megan Owen's at a guest farm about
130 Km north of Cape town (I now have a Honda CX500) and was
made very welcome. It is about a 80 hectare farm, growing
table grapes - now in the picking season.

They have about 80 resident workers on the farm - mostly
colored people. They have a creche for the children, the men
do the picking, and the women to the sorting, snipping of
bad grapes, weighing and packing.

I visited the surrounding countryside, and will be fixing
up his computer setup ..

We went to a concert by the symphony at Stellenbosch, and I met some
colored people there who do community theatre. I hope to look
in on a rehearsal this week.

Back in Cape town to sort out Visas for Lesotho and
Swaziland, and will be setting off next week for places East.

Cheers,    Andy!
Andy Rabagliati   .   andyr@wizzy.com    .   <URL http://www.wizzy.com/andyr/>