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Cape Point, Stellenbosch - WCP

I took my bike down to the tip of the Cape peninsula - not
actually the southernmost point in Africa, but close.
There is a nature reserve here that has such an amazing variety
of plant life that this part of the world is an entire plant kingdom.
It is suggested that this tip of africa has either escaped the last two 
ice ages, of they were less severe here.

There is the lighthouse at the tip - where the warm current
from the east of Africa comes down to meet the cold Benguela
current from Antarctica.

Stellenbosch is the heart of the wine district - with some
of the oldest vineyards here.

I am staying at another backpackers lodge here - after
my motorcycle petrol tank sprung a leak on the highway.

I found a bike shop that say they will fix it - basically
empty the tank, wash it out with acid, recoat the inside with 
a gas-proof plastic.  All for about $25.00 US.

I got a ride to the lodge a couple of Rastafarians in a van, with
a dagga pipe on the front dash that was a foot long with a
bowl the size of a small cup.

Very pleasant people at the lodge - after dinner I went to the local
pub to chat with some Africaanse folks about the possible
demise of their language.

Typing this from one of a couple of Internet Cafes I found in town.

Excellent Camambert at the local cheese factory - hope to go on a
wine tasting later this afternoon. Then hopefully my bike will be ready.

Traffic lights in South Africa are called Robots.

Cheers,  Andy!


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