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Agulhas - Southern tip of South Africa


  Can you believe it - I am sending this from Cape Agulhas, from a cosy B&B
that is the second most southerly building in South Africa.

Email as above - do not reply to me by replying to this message. Make
instead .. Meg will be happy to take them.

For sixty years it was the MOST southerly - but with the fast tourist
there is now another place the other side of the point.

Service (as you can see) is from aztec - a Cape Town based company - and costs
R49 ( ~ $10 US) per month - but with a long distance phone call in the way.

I stopped in Bredasdorp - the adminstrative center here, and about 30Km north,
and asked at the library if there was anywhere that had Email. Hmmm .. whats
that ?? See the manager - well - the Doctor in town has it - and there is this
B&B in Agulhas.

Bredasdorp has an excellent Shipwreck museum - somewhat morbid, maybe, but
well put together, and an excellent collection of figureheads (thingys at the
from of the ship, usually maidens holding torches and the like) of various
wrecks. They have a historical collection of diving gear too - you would not
believe what people risked their lives with over the years.

I am basing myself out of Swellendam - a central town that is actually the
third oldest town in South Africa. They had an airshow over the weekend, with
a number of notable planes, including a Tiger Moth. They had a flyby by
some South African Airforce planes, incuding a modified French Mirage that
they extended the nose and stuffed full of avionics. They also had a party
and dance

The most interesting were the microlights - basically hang gliders with Rotax
pusher engines and a tricycle set of wheels. What a blast. The in thing (of
is GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation units, including (an addin ROM
cartridge) moving maps, like James Bond in Goldfinger.

Swam in the Indian Ocean this morning - Martin always insists that the
oceans are swum .. and exploring inland. They grow wine even in these

Heading down to the Garden Route tomorrow or the next day.

Cheers,       Andy!

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