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Schools, zululand


Yesterday I went to a 'turning of the sod' for a new High school here in
Eshowe, which will be paid for by a number of Spanish NGOs
(non-government organisation) and managed by the Eshowe Christian
Action group. The ceremony was at a nearby primary school, and included
some good zulu dancing by the kids.

Today there was an opening of the first skills centre / technical college
in zululand, which cost R2.5M for the first stage, funded by AngloAmerican,
a huge mining conglomerate, and a number of smaller donors, like the
British Consulate in Durban, and Rotary International from Eshowe and

There was a veritable constellation of dignitaries there, headed by Prince
Gideon Zulu, cousin of the King, and his son, Dr. Vincent Zulu, the
for education in KwaZulu/Natal. The prince was a nice man, who wields
tremendous power in the Inkatha Freedom Party. He was a good speaker,
sensitive to his audience. He had to step in a couple of times during
the ceremony when other government officials were more intent on
taking a dig at the ANC or passing the buck onto other departments rather
than just thanking everyone there and taking a look at the future.

Cheers,     Andy!