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[Fwd: Tzaneen, Northern Province, South Africa]

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I am in Northern Province, back to SoSutho-speaking locals, towards the
north of south africa. Yesterday I and the managers of the backpacker
where I am staying went to visit the widest baobab tree in the world
(I do not think they have looked very hard for others), in which, and I
mean IN, there is a small pub, that can seat about 12 people. It is on
private property, and we were disappointed to find that beer was not
being served.

Undeterred, we rifled the refrigerator, found four beers, and drank
while admiring the small winecellar (with bats behind) and the
collection of
memorabilia in the bar. We left money, but maybe I can say I was nearly
thrown out of a Baobab tree.

I also visited the Mohjaje (spelt wrong, I am sure) rain queen's forest.
She is a queen, with a rain ceremony in November. She 'marries' a woman
from each local tribe. The fathers are also local nobility - how they
are chosen is not related. One of the daughters becomes the new rain
queen. The old queen used to commit suicide, but has been persuaded to
desist in recent times.

Just down the hill there is a excellent local black bar, where they
"two-by-one", consisting of two bottles of Castle Milk Stout and 500ml
milk, mixed in a tuppaware container, and drunk from the corners by all
present. Very good.

I was (really) thrown out of a local shabeen, by the local white South
African owners of the farm on which the house was. I had rowed across
the lake to what was obviously a weekend party on a local farm. Well,
I didn't know it was private propery ..

Headed now for Pretoria, Johannesburg, and then the UK in the middle
of the month.

Cheers,  Andy!
PS. Do not reply to this address, use mailto:andyr@wizzy.com

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