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Johannesburg, South Africa


Jo'burg is the hub of business, and money, in South Africa.

Similar to New York City, it has the feel that if you are
asleep, you are missing something. Even the tiny shabeen-style
bar at the backpacker hostel, with only tourists in it,
feels bigger and more lively than others in RSA. You would
not believe the parties we have had there ...

I sucessfully sold my motorcycle to another tourist here,
yippee. Josh is a 7th grade teacher from the Bronx, and
was travelling with an old schoolfriend - I helped
them buy another bike here as well.

I got mugged in the downtown area - I was not carrying
anything of value, and was not hurt. All a part of the
South Africa experience .. I was getting too complacent.

I am staying in Yeoville, a traditionally Jewish area
of Jo'burg, and one of the few places that it is safe to walk
around at night. Nice restaurants, shops, an internet cafe
that charges $1 per hour for telnet access ...

Talking to a Mali businessman over breakfast, who was complaining
that is was very difficult to find reliable business
partners in South Africa. He said that their long period of
isolation, or something else, meant that though they
understand business within RSA and the immediate surrounding
countries, they were too impatient to make international
trade easy. He was importing hardwoods from West Africa.

Cheers,     Andy!

Andy Rabagliati   .   andyr@wizzy.com    .   <URL http://www.wizzy.com/andyr/>