I no longer have a setup to develop or test ispy / mtest. However, many changes in later versions of ispy have been related to improving tests for high-latency links. This however has broken ispy on 200Mhz+ pentium processors, that are increasingly common nowadays.

I am informed that older versions of ispy work better with these new PCs. Consequently, please find an older version of ispy and an older version of mtest - and for that matter an older version of ftest here

ispy and mtest

I have version 3.21 of ispy, mtest for Linux, using the driver supplied by Christoph Niemann <>.

There are OS/2 executables here, and also DOS executables. These archives also contain documentation.

Courtesy Nicolas Droux <> comes a NeXT port of ispy and mtest.

C source for ispy is available, for porting ispy to other platforms. All the Occam is compiled up into C tables in the C source. Occam source for ispy is here. It contains a Makefile that works under Linux and the Inmos D7205 occam toolset. It is trivially changed to compile under DOS. Source for mtest is here, as is the Occam source for mtest.

What are they ?

What ? You mean you don't use them every day ? :-)

ispy scouts out a transputer network of the T4/T8/T2/C004 family, and reports back processor type, boot link and speed, and connectivity. mtest uses this information to run memory tests, and memory speed tests, on all processors. Very cunning.

These versions are by and large the same as before, just bugs fixed, credits added, diagnostic mode improved ( -i option). I also removed the .cfb reading code.

The original versions of ispy, mtest and ftest live on Hensa that Dave Beckett admirably maintains. There is a mirror of this archive in Japan.

The old C source is available there also.

Other transputer-related links - try the Vendors page at Hensa.

Andy Rabagliati / 14 September 1996